Home Entertainment Solutions

The complete multi-room entertainment and smart home control solution

Enjoy multi-room entertainment and smart home control throughout your home, at the touch of a button.

There’s no intrusion into your living space, no need for separate systems in every room, tangled wiring, or ugly room cluttering speakers. This state-of-the-art yet affordable solution is completely discreet and installed into the fabric of your home.

The market for home entertainment solutions is now so great that it is now possible to create bespoke audio-visual systems that meet every expectation. A family trip to the cinema becomes as easy as sitting the kids down on the sofa, selecting their favourite film and enjoying cinematic quality at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own home.


GM Computer Systems uses a state of the art software and hardware package that unifies the vast multitude of technologies in your home. Now everyone can enjoy their favourite music, movies, TV and sport instantly in any room.

One simple Interface

Access the user friendly interface through your smartphone or tablet providing you with instant control from the palm of your hand which is great when you’re on the move around the home. Simply select the room you are in and you’ll be able to control everything within that room. Imagine.. full system control from the comfort of your armchair… with instantaneous access to your favourite entertainment and sound systems.